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Tooth Whitening is an increasingly popular procedure for all ages. Whiter teeth are associated with a younger, healthier and more aesthetic appearance.

If you would like whiter teeth it is important to speak to a dentist at a preliminary consultation to ensure that you choose a whitening technique that is:

  • Safe and effective.
  • Appropriate for your teeth.
  • Will achieve the result you want.

Whitening techniques can be broadly split into 3 groups:

Home Whitening

A whitening gel is placed in a custom made tray which is worn for about an hour a day for a minimum of 10 days.

Power Whitening

Power Whitening is undertaken in the practice. Your lips and gums are protected and a whitening gel applied to your teeth for about an hour. A significant change will be achieved although the patient has less control over the degree of change.


A combination of Power Whitening to start followed by At Home Whitening will make the most significant change to the whiteness of your teeth.

At Home Whitening offers the easiest and cheapest way of "Topping Up" the whitening in the future should you feel the need. Perhaps for that special occasion!

All our techniques are guaranteed to improve the appearance of your teeth. How long it lasts depends on diet and smoking habits but can be expected to be in excess of a year.

Everything can be explained in more detail at your preliminary consultation.

Regular patients of our practice who have had a full dental health check within the previous six months, and our Denplan members do not have to pay for the preliminary consultation.

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