Dental Health Check in Salford

New Patient Check Up
  • We check and respond to any concerns regarding pain.
  • We check teeth for decay.
  • We check teeth for other forms of tooth substance loss such as erosion, attrition and abrasion.
  • We check all existing restorations for health, fit and function.
  • We check for signs of gum disease by taking gum measurements such as the BPE and pocket depth measurements.
  • We check for signs of plaque and calculus and provide information for the hygienist so the appropriate treatment and advice can be provided.
  • We check the health of all the soft tissues for diseases such as mouth cancer and Lichen Planus.
  • We check and respond to any concerns regarding aesthetics to ensure all our patients are informed of their options if an improvement is available or requested.
  • We check the bite to ensure that it is functioning correctly to avoid damage to teeth, jaw joints and muscles plus restorations.
  • We check to ensure a healthy saliva flow. Saliva provides valuable protection for teeth and soft tissues but its production can be affected by things such as age or drugs. There may also be the presence of blockages in saliva ducts.
  • We check for the correct development of the dentition. While this is particularly important in the growing child, how wisdom teeth are positioned and unopposed teeth are moving can affect adults. Late crowding is a particular problem for some people with regard to aesthetics and function.
  • We establish and continually review the short, medium and long term care for all our patients to ensure that their dental care is relevant and effective. This will affect appointment intervals for Dental Health Checks and hygienist visits.
  • We provide information to all our patients on how to prevent any oral disease that may be relevant to them such as decay, gum disease or mouth cancer.
  • We routinely check the health and function of the jaw joint for all new patients and provide treatment and advice where necessary.
  • We always keep our patients informed of any important findings. We discuss and personalise all treatment that we recommend to ensure that those patients who have special requirements such as nervousness or a heightened gag reflex have their wants and needs addressed.

We are happy to provide treatment plan letters for all the more complicated or expensive courses of treatment to ensure our patients are fully informed about their treatment options and costs including payment plans.

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